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Check out the latest news and information about DOOM Eternal, DOOM's 25th Anniversary, and the Slayers Club during the. Auf dieser Seite findet ihr alles zum großen Ego-Shooter: News, Artikel, Videos und weitere Infos zum Ego-Shooter Doom Eternal. Doom Eternal ist der Nachfolger von DOOM (). Hier erfahrt ihr alles über das Spiel. Darunter News, Test, Bilder von Dämonen, Waffen, Doom Slayer. News Apr. Bethesda hat für die beiden klassischen Shooter "Doom" und "​Doom 2" auf allen verfügbaren Plattformen neue Updates veröffentlicht. Geboten​. News und Aktuelles zum Ego-Shooterspiel Doom auf Wir liefern Doom. PS4 Xbox One Switch PC. Genre: Ego-Shooter. Entwickler: id Software.

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Über Nachrichten auf Deutsch zum Thema DOOM. ➽ News Reader, die Nachrichtensuchmaschine: immer aktuell. Check out the latest news and information about DOOM Eternal, DOOM's 25th Anniversary, and the Slayers Club during the. News und Aktuelles zum Ego-Shooterspiel Doom auf Wir liefern Doom. PS4 Xbox One Switch PC. Genre: Ego-Shooter. Entwickler: id Software.

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. A new mod for Doom Eternal on PC makes the infamous Doom Slayer even deadlier, with more powerful weapons and abilities.

In this episode of Loadout we dig into the unlikely origin of Doom's most destructive weapon. The id Software shooter triples the number of peak concurrent players compared to Doom At the end of level four, you fight a boss called Doom Hunter.

It requires some quick thinking and strategy. We played it, here's what to expect. We got hands-on with Battlemode, and saw how this new 1v2 multiplayer is deviating from convention, yet capturing the adrenaline rush you get through the campaign.

It's also the last week to shop the Anime Month Bethesda Australia is auctioning off a signed copy of the Doom soundtrack for charity soon, signed by composer Mick Gordon--and he's added a little something extra while signing.

Well, despite all the features, the main substance of the WAD is huge open areas peppered with monsters and items. I need to talk about the difficulty settings here, because they change the game a lot.

I tried "hell spawn" to start skill 6 , and found the beginning to be tiresome, so I bumped it down to "wimpy little imp" skill 4 and found it to be pretty easy.

The thing is, the skill levels seem to drastically change the placement of items such as keys and weapons , as well as the number and types of monsters.

On skill 4, the first room has some zombiemen and one imp. On skill 6, it's some imps that fire a red plasma ball. On skill 10, it's imps that fire mancuballs and take 3 shells to drop, as well as beefed up chaingunners.

I wonder if JagDogger ever completed the map on skill 10, because it seems impossible. It's a little confusing.

Anyway, like I said, it's wide open most of the time and you can run by all the monsters with ease, or at least I did on skill 4. I imagine you won't be able to do that on higher difficulties because you'll be getting hitscanned to death in seconds.

Seriously, skill 10 has hell knights and barons with a hitscan attack. Either that or an invisible projectile This WAD is suffering in both gameplay and visuals, which is a little disappointing for a 30 megabyte file.

In general there seemed to be way too much health and ammo around, which didn't seem to bother me at all. In fact the only bother was remedied as soon as I found a backpack, so I could finally go pick up those extra shotguns.

But despite plenty of meds, I did manage to die at the hands of some pesky chaingunners once or twice, -maybe- a baron, or whatever.

Overall the challenge level is low, I'm just a reckless player. So as the Disturbed MIDI serenades your ears, you'll gaze about at the structures that have been laid out for you - you, the helpless pawn, the lab rat strapped to a chair, with your eyelids held open by hooks, forced to "cleanse the evil hellspawn" and "save the world.

To describe it would be impossible, but I'll describe it anyway. Imagine marble goat-heads abutting computer screens with wood trim.

Blue carpets and metal supports. Hearts, stars, and rainbows, clovers, and blue moons. You might call "zany" or "wacky" and if those words make you uncomfortable, then maybe you're too young to die.

Part of the map is based on a map from Payday, and it's pretty obvious because the styles are clashing. But really the entire map is clashing - colors, textures, enemies.

It feels thrown together, but in a way that's charming and that makes it fun to explore because you never know what's coming next.

Textures could have been aligned better in some places, and lighting was off-and-on I hate myself , with some areas being flat lighting while others having stark contrast.

Nothing major though - and most areas had lots of sector furniture and decorations which gave it a lived-in feel that I enjoyed. On a scale from 1 to Doom1.

Scharfschutze Suche - D. Scratch is "a experimental wad i did in a Month" which sounds very promising. What kind of experimental? You mean like Frankenstein?

Scratch really Doctor scratch? I thought the D stood for something else. Is this wad just a scattering of limbs torn from other maps, stitched together into a terrifying and unplayable amoeba?

You are still reading for some reason, so now I will go on to actually describe the wad, in an effort to bore you to death.

Scharfschutze Suche is a German title which at first my brain didn't really see because all I could see was "Wolfenstein", but eventually I realized it obviously means "Sucky Scarf Shooter.

There's also a rifle The bullets, which are not hitscans but adorable little projectiles, do massive damage. You can be taken down fast, and at times it can be really frustrating to get sniped.

On the other hand, you can also knife the crap out of people and it's really fun. You also have an inventory medkit that will restore up to health, which can really save the day.

At the beginning, all of the enemies are facing away from you. Later on this isn't the case as much, but for much of the game especially right outside the facility you can take down each bad guy, one by one, without any alerts.

Sometimes they will be standing right next to each other, screaming in pain, and nobody notices. It's not a huge problem, just made certain areas feel like they were staged, taking away from the idea that you're dropping in unexpected.

With all the GZDoom features I would have liked to see some patrols! Oh well - it didn't ruin the fun overall. Let's get into the sniper rifle. With alt-fire you can zoom it in, and that does come in handy in a few spots.

It's a little funny to be sniping in Doom but whatever, I didn't mind. What I did mind was that the damage is heavily reduced when you are not zoomed in!

This makes no sense and ruined the rifle for me. Give me terrible accuracy, so that when I hipfire like an idiot the bullet goes off the planet and I die with reasonable cause.

If I get a lucky hit though, the victim should be a goner. Instead the rifle is just as accurate without zoom, but it'll suddenly take two shots to kill someone instead of one.

A few times I resorted to zooming on people in close quarters, which is really not easy on the eyes. Mostly I just used the knife and SMG, both of which are very satisfying to use.

On to the visuals. This map is gorgeous. Unfortunately the very beginning involves a super dark area where you fall down a pit to your death.

Once you get past that, everything is great except for the vents yes, you'll have to use the crouch key in this wad, get over it but hey, they are vents, so I'm okay with them not being pretty.

In a way it made me feel more like I was in an area I'm not supposed to see. Anyway the rest of the level is packed with snazzy decorations, dope sector detail, and fantastic lighting.

For an "experimental" wad, there's a fair amount of polish on the architecture. Considering the solid gameplay to match, this is a wad worth downloading.

Two maps are dedicated to each of the Ultimate four episodes, and their difficulty climbs accordingly. These levels are arranged in pleasant ways, their lines avoiding too much unnecessary symmetry, instead creating simple loops of gameplay area with plenty of devious corners for the enemies to conceal themselves away.

There's plenty of secrets to find, and most of them are a touch more clever than the standard chainsaw-in-a-cupboard.

Distorted Memories is at its best when forcing the player into slightly unsavoury game-pieces - maps four and five require Doomguy to range into slime and lava when progress seems obscured, while seven and eight punish you with short area-denial combat puzzles where you'll have to fidget away from baron attacks and desperately seek a way to stand your ground.

Even the opening map asks you to scramble for a berserk kit before you can really feel safe! There's also a crazy secret level based around a single fiery arena fight.

Most of the homages to the original levels hit home pleasingly, although you could say it's distasteful to have your map six wear the trappings of Mt.

Erebus and yet be totally linear. Still, you get to shoot a lot of cacodemons out of the sky with a rocket launcher, so it's not all bad.

This is a good level set, harder than most Doom episodes towards the end but still perfectly manageable without saves.

Expert players who blaze past levels like these might attempt them with -respawn enabled. Good stuff all round! You explore a small, empty building, find three keys and exit.

End of game. Seriously, the wad's title is absolutely accurate. There is no one else besides you at the building.

No monsters, pickups besides keys , or jumpscares. There is not even music. I have to say, the rooms themselves are functional except the blue maze not featured on the automap.

The author did a good job detailing small touches, like the outside area with all of the trees, and a singular pool of damaging nukage.

I applaud them for trying something different. But I don't feel there is enough here to justify uploading to idgames.

The map is lacking in general, small in design, poor texture alignment and architecture. It does have a few traps, but nothing special.

If you're desperate for something to play, then go play Entryway again, it's still more fun than this. The geometry here is very very simple; instead the level tries to charm you with its fancy detailing.

There are tiny borders and elaborate ceiling decorations everywhere. They are not particularly original but still pleasant to look at and remind me of a style that was rather popular around ten years ago.

The gameplay is relatively relaxed and for the most part allows you to set your own pace, but there are two or three traps that require quick reaction.

Play this if you're in a mood for a simple five minute adventure in a typical E4 setting. The theme of Joy of Mapping 3 is "Mandatory Joy", and joy there is.

This is an overall fun speedmapping compilation, with a few hiccups here and there. The wad starts with two "eh" maps, but quickly evolves into really cool levels utilizing UDMF features and sharp gameplay.

One of my favorites is Gutawer's "Infestation Station". It has quite a few interesting areas, including a room with a glass floor and hellish caverns.

Looking at my notes, I found a lot of the maps from especially hectic fun. Many can be ran through at fast pace, making encounters even more exciting and overwhelming.

Don't worry, I made sure to get good looks at each map after I was done clearing out demons. The second half of the wad goes through a major difficulty spike.

Maps 13 and onward can be grueling, despite being short. Often times this makes the maps even more enjoyable, but sometimes not.

Maps like Alfonzo's "Slime Nook", for example, where gameplay feels terse the level could have used a chaingun early on. The worst level is 17, Sarais Vanu's "Midal".

Film critic Mark Kermode would call it a "cluster fruitcake". Though I do like some of the structures in the map. But enough of the bad.

Let's get to the good, which this wad has a lot of! There is the already mentioned "Infestation Station", and the four maps afterwards which are all a blast.

Fonze's "Funked Up", while not my favorite gameplay wise, leaves an impression, and is short enough to be inoffensive.

Zzyzx's "Embers" looks outstanding, as does the wad's closer, "Oasis" by Jimmy. Plus it looks fantastic. The only bugs I found were in Dalvi Dandi's otherwise great "Fortress of Blood" an imp does not teleport out , and "Embers" there is a see through piece of floor.

Definitely give Joy of Mapping 3 a try! This iteration also adds some custom content in the form of add-on textures and a series of Dehacked enemies.

The extra textures go a long way in helping to establish a sense of place as well as providing a cohesive general theme to the mapset — techbases embedded in rocky, natural environments.

This cohesiveness worked well with the range of maps present, with some sprawling, non-linear adventures to be found alongside more compact, straightforward layouts, ensuring variety through the mapset.

I had mixed feelings about the effectiveness and necessity of the new enemies presented, although the new Demon variant a nightmare-speed version that had a ranged plasma attack provided an increased sense of urgency to encounters, which I enjoyed.

Combat is almost exclusively incidental and simultaneously incredibly punishing at some points, thanks to moderately limited resources and the extreme firepower of the Cybruisers and Afrits present in this mapset.

With that in mind, I felt that any mistakes I made would be often be quite deadly, although secret hunting felt that it was incredibly useful in offsetting that factor.

If you like exploration in your Doom and don't mind occasionally getting your ass kicked at the same time, then check this out.

You'll soon notice the discomfiting illusion this creates: you know these levels well enough that the few diversions from the blueprint can be jarring.

Worryingly, these changes tend to veer towards trivializing the levels - where the original E4M2 was pitiless, demanding leaps of faith and tight fighting out of a corner, its doppelgangers here under-estimate the player and short-changes them in terms of action.

Ultimate Doom E4M6 is notoriously vicious from pistol- start; you can safely shoulder-barge your way to this version's exit in five minutes. If the theming of the level is getting in the way of its gameplay, then the project is largely to blame!

The main Switcheroom project was a sweet little idea, disarmed of its naivety by the way we all have exhaustive knowledge of the original maps and rendered fairly uneventful to play in the end.

Many of these extra maps follow the same pattern, but there are two more substantial levels: srforgot. The map isn't spectacular since it doesn't stray from the blueprint except in scale and colour choices but the marriage naturally works.

E2M6 is the real jewel, reconfiguring The Slough of Despair as if it appeared in the final episode and this, at last, does something new, giving the player difficulty on the Ultimate Doom higher end, the shambling horde filling out the curves and peculiarities of the map in a way the original E3M2 longs for, paired with some new and interesting secrets along the way.

Projects like these have their parameters all wrong. Like Switcheroom, this is a set of levels concerned mainly with craftsmanship. If you wanna make a good Doom 1 map, build your own obsessions, lose the hero worship and understand that you are operating on a seam that has already been heavily mined.

After a very long time in the making, ZDaemon 1. The popular online multiplayer Doom port features more netcode improvements, as well as a massive number of bug fixes, features, and enhancements.

Some of the changes from 1. To download, visit the official website. It replaces MAP35; the level itself is just a little room with an imp and a super shotgun maybe too overpowered?

Eh, who cares. It's just a demo map. Good for knowing how to use SetMusic in ZDoom if you didn't know already.

The lift yes, there's only a lift in the title is a basic ZDoom lift that help you get out from a toxic blood pit that divides the room from an island with the super shotgun.

I expected to see more lift examples, like lifts using 3D floors, but I think it's OK for learning ZDoom techniques if you are a newbie One of those effect is randomly mirroring corpses, adding some variety to a bunch of dead demons.

Another effect is colored blood, blue for the cacodemon and green for the hell nobles. Simple features like these are mysteriously absent from even more advanced ports.

The idea of this mod is simple: add both of those effects to your ZDoom-compatible port of choice. What you see is what you get. It works just like it says it does.

It's pretty neat stuff. Add it to your autoload or something! Quality in general is high, though select maps run into gameplay issues.

More on those later. There are atmospheric maps, puzzle maps, and even slightly silly maps. None stand out as looking bad, though some are just OK.

On the other side of the coin, there are maps that are absolutely gorgeous. Gameplay wise, the wad is incredibly tough.

There are maps here that will overwhelm even veteran players. While there are certainly parts that are frustrating, the majority is great fun.

The highlights, in my opinion, are: Map Into the Core - A cool tech map that ends in an expansive, epic way. Maps 31 and 32 - Map 31 is strange and hypnotic, and 32 is Map Hell Island - My favorite map of the set.

An out all brouhaha that never slogs. Has an interesting boss, too. As for downsides to "Speed Master", there are a few clunky maps.

Map Safety Advice, has noticeably questionable encounters, especially in an area where you fall into tiny rooms that quickly fill up with Hell Knights.

Map Dimension Dispersion has the only game-breaking bug I found in the mapset: one of the lava pits in the red key room is inescapable and does no damage.

There are also a few cases of maps not indicating where the player needs to go, and some maps could certainly use more ammo and health.

But overall, "Speed Master" is a wad that is well worth your time. Just like a lot of his works it somewhat suffers from the abundance of rectangular architecture, but the overall structure of the map is neat and the way it gradually unfolds is pleasant to see.

Visually I really liked the use of green and red bricks; they stood out nicely in an otherwise very brown setting. However, the best thing about this wad is the custom MIDI provided.

It uses a ticking clock as one of the instruments, resulting in a unique and catchy melody. It's worth playing Clockwork 70 just so that you can hear it.

But keep in mind that Paul's ammo balance is strict as usual, so careful aiming and the use of chainsaw is recommended.

Ultimately the experience is as suggested in the name, it is indeed just another generic level. However, there are one or two moderately interesting traps to be found in this map.

As I said before, you start in E1M1 in Doom 1 and You stand before six doors, but you must choose the correct door or you'll end up crushed first image.

Now you know that this map is NOT any map, so be prepared for traps, and don't be ashamed of using saves. You'll need them.

After the first trial, you'll be teleported to a sort of question choosing easy or hard that, to me, doesn't have much relevance to the progress of the map unless I'm completely wrong.

But after choosing one option, you'll be teleported back to the beginning, but this time you'll advance further. Then you'll reach a fleshy area after picking up a soulsphere and you'll know that it's a trap.

How can you get out? Simple, look at clues like arrows, or try shooting. After you do some platforming and pick up the red key, you'll reach the next area in which you'll find some colorful architecture that acts as lifts second image.

Be careful of the cacos and imp-hitscanner turrets before proceeding. After crossing into the next area, you'll reach more platforming areas with shooting a switch included third image with a mean crusher trap.

Also, if you fall, you need to reach a teleporter nearby, but fortunately there's no damaging floor. That teleporter leads you to a special area with a bunch of teleporters and their respective texture showing the area that will be revealed as long as you progress more in the map fourth image.

The next area can be confusing and it can potentially stop you from progressing because there are more crushers with an invulnerability sphere in a secret area, and if you're not careful, it will activate those crushers.

But if you're successful, you'll find more switches, tricks and traps until you find the blue key, which will lead you to the exit.

E1M2 is just a non-functional, weird map where you need to press use to exit. Low Memory is not the usual map where you kill everything in sight; the map itself will try to kill you instead.

Neat challenge that will test your skill and your sanity, and it's up to you players to try this map. The first two are enormous maps, and the third one is a small Doom 2-like final map.

I played this on Hurt Me Plenty. The first level is a techbase map. It was released first as a separate map to replace E2M8. Its style is reminiscent of episode 1 and episode 2 base levels with small abstract hellish areas and caves here and there.

You begin your quest in a subway car which takes you to this huge base with empty halls and spacey, dimly-lit corridors.

The author says in the description that the levels aim to give the player a feeling of exploration, and that's what I got right from the start.

This sentiment is emphasized by the soothing and a bit eerie ambient soundtrack, which is a very good fit for the level. I don't usually pay that much attention to music, but now I did because it was such a suitable choice.

The visual style is a bit more detailed than Doom's original techbase theme. However, the detailing varies a lot. Sometimes you come across plainly textured, fully lit, big blocky rooms that take you back to the nineties, but mostly you encounter areas with more detail.

The areas near the start were less good-looking than the later parts. The layout is very interconnected. Especially in the beginning you can find multiple semi-secret panels that take you to a corridor which connects to the other side of the level.

The level opens passages like this the more you progress. The pace of the level is pretty relaxed. At start you are greeted with empty areas with no monsters, and everything is suspiciously silent.

Some single Demons show up after wandering for a while, but the feeling of being alone in this huge base stays with you. You'll encounter your first herd of enemies in the outside area on top of a cliff.

And when you enter the cave area you'll start to get enemies in your face. The enemy fights in the beginning areas are more close combat. I usually evaded the first bigger encounters by running around them, which turned out to be a good strategy, as that way I found better positions to shoot at them.

After you get the blue keycard and go south to the blue door area the enemies appear more from a distance, such as on top of crates or behind grilles on the walls.

This area contained a lot of cannon fodder, Zombies, Sergeants and Imps. It was very soothing to kill them en masse. You still get enemies in your face too.

The visual style also got better. There was more consistent detailing and the rooms got more vertical. The area behind the yellow door continued the same rhythm; you enter peaceful and spacious areas, sometimes enemies run after you, sometimes you get to slay them from a distance.

The open area with the zigzag path and pillars over the slime presented an enjoyable fight. The walls were filled with Imps shooting at you from the distance while Cacodemons were flying in the middle and you had to run around the path throwing rockets at them while avoiding falling down to the slime.

After the second half I started running out of ammo. This happened more than once. Well, I had a lot of plasma ammo but I had no plasma rifle. If I'm not mistaken you only get the plasma rifle after the Cyberdemon fight, which I think was not fair.

Maybe the BFG was a secret. There were 18 secrets in total. I found half. There were many secrets where you could see the item from a window and then had to figure out how to get there.

Those were nice and logical puzzles. The fight before the exit is probably the roughest. You get a lot of Demons, Barons and a Spider Mastermind.

But in the end it's not that big of an issue because you can compartmentalize them to a room and shoot them through the windows or make them fight each other.

It took me almost an hour to finish the level even though I did not get lost. It was a pleasure to stroll through the map and admire the areas despite the small throwbacks to the nineties here and there : I think the author succeeded very well in giving the player the feeling of exploration in the first level.

The second map has Doom 2 styled abstract hell visuals. Actually it has almost all kinds of areas. Caves, rocky cliffs, lava, slime, organic, gothic, marble and what have you.

Whereas the first map has a slower, almost wandering pace with a hauntingly soothing ambient track, the second map is more hectic, aggressive and has a metal song as soundtrack.

The fights didn't always feel fun. There were too many Chaingunners at distance. In general this map is much more slaughtery than the first one. Also this map is much larger than the first one and there are over a thousand monsters.

I must say I did not find that many things to like in this map. I did not get any feeling of exploration here. The layout was confusing. It didn't feel interconnected at all.

Yes, there were teleporters, but it's always hard to figure out where they take you. Also killing started to feel almost like work at times, and after an hour I was considering giving up on the map.

The western part of the map was dedicated to getting the blue key. The eastern part was for acquiring the yellow key. And in the middle you entered the area with the red key and exit.

That sounds simple but it wasn't. I got frustrated and went astray more than once. I was at a loss what the various buttons were supposed to open.

It didn't help that the abstract hellish landscape of Doom 2 is not my favorite theme. I also think the styles changed too much.

But there were some areas that I liked. For example, the section with organic texturing was one of the best parts in the level.

Other good areas were the library and the red gothic cathedral. The third and last map was almost a traditional Romero's head endgame map but instead you had to push two buttons to finish it.

The music choice for this map was weird. I guess in some sense it fits the level. I was pretty exhausted from the second map and I rushed the final map as fast as I could.

TL;DR The first map is without a doubt the strongest. Vast, interconnected and explorative techbase map with some nice detailing, relaxing pace, interesting fights, and great ambient music.

The second map is a gigantic level with a mishmash of styles. At times it feels like your are working at Switch Hunting Incorporated instead of enjoying a game, and then you get perforated by a Chaingunner.

The last map is OK but I'm not sure if it was that necessary. In fact the levels feel so different from each other that I wonder if it was a good idea to combine them into one WAD.

The result is pretty exhilarating and you have to listen to it to get the experience. The only thing that I didn't like is that there's only a Doom 1 music conversion, while I expected a Doom 2 version also Anyway, download this and play it with other jokewad mods, surely it will be fun!

It plays identically to vanilla Hangar. Some zombies and imps to shoot, and some switches to press. Most of them were near corners as shotgun meat.

It wasn't hard to avoid projectiles or find hidden areas. Not much to say about it, besides the neat custom SFX for the imps.

Map layout was interesting. I liked some touches, like the outside area for air transport or pools of slime.

It really resembles a hangar of some sort. I actually disliked the lighting, as this is way too dark for some ports.

I noticed some misalignments and cut off textures on flats and some problems with green slime floors, and one unclosed sector in same green slime area source ports like GZDoom say that line is unclosed.

Anyway, this map is perfect for lunch break as it won't even take 10 minutes to beat. Time to review this bad boy. Map 01 stars, and a barrel is crucial for dispatching the first group of zombies, but there's no indication of a door to get out, which can be confusing first image.

I consider that the only downside of the map and the whole wad, so don't worry, it gets better after that. The next area reminded me of typical architecture found in Doom and TNT, like a mix of both second image , and that combination is present in the rest of the maps.

The monsters will make you feel surrounded, but since those monsters are low-tier mixed with a hell knight and some cacos, it won't be a problem.

And nearby some secrets are there, including some armor. As you progress, more traps will activate, so stay alert. This map has a lot of monsters for a first map, around After that, you'll reach the last part third image in which you will find more powerful monsters like revenants, but you can dispatch them quickly.

Near the exit you'll find more secrets and some great goodies that will keep you in form for the next map. Great and enjoyable first map.

Map There are three ways to go at the starting point. This map starts a bit quiet but not for long, because after some minor fights and picking up the yellow key, the map will be slightly harder.

The outside area leading to the yellow door fifth image is perfect for some traps. After pressing the switch leading to the exit path, a LOT of monsters, including an archvile, will appear in that big area.

Some infighting will definitely help. The exit sixth image is just more monsters, but expect some barons for the last resistance. This is the map where you can get the rocket launcher if you find the secret.

Short map for the size but it's still fun to play. Map 03 starts with a group of monsters surrounding you, including chaingunners, plus some radioactive pools and some secrets seventh image.

You'll find some big areas, like a hangar or something, leading to a sort of rocky maze involving more monsters at the top and more monster traps eighth image.

This is even more reminiscent of TNT than Doom 2 due to how the map is presented to you, and I like it After picking up the yellow key, you'll reach a key point in the map involving more monsters, traps, an exit for which you need the blue key, a path leading to the red key, and a soulsphere ninth image.

Before reaching the blue exit switch, you'll need to fight more monsters, and of course, closet traps tenth image.

After activating the last switch, more teleporting mid-tier monsters will appear, but you can dispatch them quickly with the rocket launcher.

More barons and revenants are waiting for you in the exit This map was great in terms of fights, gameplay pace and use of monsters.

Overall, it was a nice mapset that you can finish in one sitting. Fairly hard, not very difficult. Good aesthetic architecture and detail for the maps that, like I said, feels like a mix of Doom and TNT.

Great stuff Seidolon! The author just put up a newer verson on the mod thread, which includes a second player class.

I realized this after doing the review, and I'm extremely lazy so you'll have to find out about the new class for yourself! They've decided to make a supercomputer thing producing all sorts of new demons, it is up to you as Captain Akimbo to put a stop to this!

It speaks of collecting "score," which is ironically a creation from hell that does NOT belong in Doom. Doom : Annihilation was written and directed by Tony Giglio S.

Synopsis: On the darkest moon of Mars, scientists have found an ancient portal which allows teleportation throughout the universe.

Considered to be mankind's greatest discovery, it's actually a gateway from hell, unleashing a swarm of demons looking to steal the souls of everyone who gets in their way.

It's up to Lieutenant Joan Dark and an. Exclusive: German powerhouse Constantin Film and U. Think The Meg with serpent scales.

This is the same producing team behind the smash Resident Evil movie series and the upcoming franchise hopeful Monster Hunter , another video-game adaptation starring Milla Jovovich.

Tony Giglio , second unit director on Resident Evil: Afterlife and writer-director on upcoming live-action first-person shooter update Doom: Annihilation , is aboard to write the screenplay.

The Titanoboa is an extinct species of giant snake which lived in northeastern Colombia. They could grow up to The reptile existed around 58 to 60 million years ago and is the largest snake ever discovered.

Matthew Byrd Mar 13, Doom: Annihilation proves that the only thing scarier than demons on Mars is going direct-to-video.

After fans expressed their concerns regarding Doom: Annihilation an upcoming direct-to-video Doom movie adaptation , iD Software took to Twitter to clarify that they are "not involved with the movie.

In case you missed the initial announcement, Doom: Annihilation is the latest cinematic "effort" from director Tony Giglio.

It tells the story of a group of space marines who go to mars and end up fighting some demons due to incredible circumstances.

In other words, it's the plot of pretty much every. Doom : Annihilation follows a group of space marines as they respond to a distress call from a base on a Martian moon,.

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Doom News - DOOM Eternal: Das bietet die neue DOOM-Action

Für jedes Dämonenrätsel gibt es eine passende, schlagkräftige Waffenantwort. Bethesda hat detailliertere Systemanforderungen für das nächste Doom veröffentlicht. News Bitte logge dich ein , um diese Funktion nutzen zu können. Überhaupt gibt es viele Änderungen und Optimierungen für den Battlemode.

All that on top of video game movies finally proving successful means that Universal is reportedly considering a big push for the franchise. This will include a new film, set to be a reboot, and now, according to our sources — the same ones who told us Extraction is getting a sequel and another Scream movie is in the works — a tie-in TV show.

That movie was supposed to course-correct from the Doom , which was also not much cop. After lying dormant for a decade or so, it bounced back with a brand new entry in , which ended up being one of our favorite games of the year, in fact.

Doom is, without a doubt, one of if not the best First-Person Shooters Fps of all time. The highly influential game arguably kick-started the entire shooter genre, and its latest games are about to do the same again.

Despite being one of the most important games ever made, Doom inspired note one but two underwhelming live-action adaptations.

So without further delay, here are five things that Doom did right and five things that Doom: Annihilation did better.

It is a glorious week to be a horror fan, because we have a ton of amazing Blu-rays and DVDs heading home on Tuesday. Beyond that, the amazing-looking House of Hitchcock Collection arrives this Tuesday, and looks to be a must-own set for any Alfred Hitchcock fans out there.

Kino Lorber is showing some love to Nightmare Beach this week with their special edition release, and Arrow Video has put together a much-deserved limited edition set for The Prey as well.

On the darkest moon of Mars, scientists have found an ancient portal which allows teleportation throughout the universe.

First came the extremely dodgy-looking stills, then the cheap-looking trailer and the revelation that the movie was headed straight-to-video.

After all, if the flick can capture even a smidge of the pleasure of sprinting through the halls of hell clutching a super shotgun and dispatching waves of imps, pinkies and cacodemons, then it should at least be entertaining.

We hope. Now, a new teaser for the movie shows that someone has at least been paying attention to the original game. Beginning with an establishing shot of a colony on a moon of Mars that resembles the interstitial screens of Doom , we get to see a number of imps.

These spiky, fireball throwing bad guys are classic Doom enemies,. Universal Entertainment has released a new thrilling, intense, and action-packed teaser trailer for Doom: Annihilation.

The latest teaser for Doom: Annihilation has arrived and it looks pretty creepy. Universal Entertainment dropped the first trailer for the movie at the beginning of the year and fans of the mega successful video game franchise were left wanting more.

Thankfully, the studio has provided us with another brief look at the project before it gets released on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital platforms on October 1st.

There is no plan for a limited theatrical release at this time, though that could change in the near future. Thankfully, Doom: Annihilation looks a lot different from the take on the movie starring Dwayne Johnson.

Things are much darker and closer to the vibe of the original video game, which is what fans have been asking for over the years.

The latest teaser trailer features a fight against demons that scientists stumbled upon after opening a portal to hell. Needless to say,. Update: After publishing the article, it came out that it was always the plan for Doom: Annihilation to be released directly to DVD and Blu-Ray with no theatrical release.

Sounds like Doom: Annihilation will hit home video on October 1, Doom : Annihilation was written and directed by Tony Giglio S.

Synopsis: On the darkest moon of Mars, scientists have found an ancient portal which allows teleportation throughout the universe.

Considered to be mankind's greatest discovery, it's actually a gateway from hell, unleashing a swarm of demons looking to steal the souls of everyone who gets in their way.

It's up to Lieutenant Joan Dark and an. Exclusive: German powerhouse Constantin Film and U. Think The Meg with serpent scales. Bethesda is releasing a new miniature collectibles lineup based on Doom Eternal, starting with a limited-edition Doom Slayer.

Demons and Slayers in Doom Eternal will do a little less damage thanks to a new Battlemode update. People have noticed that the soundtrack features a bad mix, and now Mick Gordon has responded.

Digital games are perfect right about now as we practice social distancing. Cat with Monocle makes a crossover video that celebrates two of s gaming giants.

Twitch surpassed 3 billion hours watched during the first quarter of as the coronavirus left people at home. In this episode of Loadout we dig into the unlikely origin of Doom's most destructive weapon.

The pistol weapon rumored to be in Doom Eternal has been unearthed--here's how to access it for yourself on PC. Don't let the game's pop-up notifications rob you of the satisfaction of dealing with a new enemy.

Doom Eternal is full of lore that holds some big twists for the overall Doom franchise--if you know what anyone's actually talking about.

Here's a full rundown. Just when you get comfortable, Doom Eternal shakes up its formula with a tough, boss-style enemy.

Doom Eternal's launch revenue is double that of 's rebooted Doom game. Here's a walkthrough detailing how to get past the twelfth mission of Doom Eternal.

You're Good to Go! Twitch Has Record-Setting Quarter Amid Coronavirus Lockdown Twitch surpassed 3 billion hours watched during the first quarter of as the coronavirus left people at home.

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